The FBA Scorecard Video Series

Watch our Video Series to Learn How to Maximize Your Business Valuation

First, get the Scorecard and the Training Slides

Why Sell?

What are your motivations for selling and what are the alternatives to selling the business?

The Three Questions

Discover the three extremely important questions to consider when selling a business

The First Step

Identify the three stages of business and learn about the 30% Rule to avoid "single channel" and "single product" risk

Scorecard Check in #1 - Brand

Simply having products that sell on Amazon isn't enough any more. Find out what else you need to attract buyers

Product Lifecycle & Profit vs. Revenue

When you launch a product, how long will it sustain itself?
Do you need to continuously launch new products to support the business?


Can the business run without you?

Which business’s assets and relationships with suppliers are transferable to a new owner?

Scorecard Check in #2 - Financials

Do you know your numbers?
How do you track your financials?

Do you struggle to find the funds to reinvest in the business?

What if I have multiple brands?

The downside of having multiple brands:

  • Is it worth separating the brands?
  • What’s the business worth altogether?
What's my business worth?

Is there a quick way to know what my business is worth?

  • $1-5M revenue business typically sell between 0.4x and 1x revenue
  • BUT...multiple will be applied to net profit/SDE
What are multiples?

Why does everyone talk about multiples, what exactly are they? How are they used?

Scorecard Check in #3 - Diversification

There's two parts to diversification in an FBA Business:

  1. Product Diversification - "Single Product Risk"
  2. Sales Channel Diversification - "Single Channel Risk"

What is SDE?

Seller Discretionary Earnings, how to calculate it & the Importance of Proper Bookkeeping

What metrics are most important?

Learn which metrics you SHOULD know & MONITOR on a regular basis

Scorecard Check in #4 - Operations
  • Who runs the business?
  • What does it take to operate the business?
  • Is it just you or do you have a team?
Who are the buyers?

Who buys FBA/e-commerce businesses and what do they want?

Common Deal Structures

Learn how deals typically break down and how you will get paid

What's Due Diligence?

Find out what happens during the critical stage of Due Diligence (DD)

Scorecard Check in #5 - Trends

Why are trends so important for buyers and investors?


How much have you scored and what does it mean?

The FBA Scorecard Video Series

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